Character Creation

Create a 1st level character with the following exceptions. Given that the Character Builder is behind schedule you may have to do some of this by hand. It’s also fine if you want to do a re-imagined version of a previous Condemned character in Athas.

1) Choose Class

Select a class for your character.

  • An important thing to keep in mind is there are no divine characters on Athas
  • Psionics, or “The Way,” is a lot more common on Athas
  • Arcane characters tend to be hated or feared by the populace
  • All arcane characters have the ability to defile, which boosts power at the expense of the environment
  • In most city-states using arcane magic is illegal, unless you are a templar
  • There are new builds in the Dark Sun Campaign Guide
  • The sorcerer-king pact warlock is a new build that fits well with Dark Sun
  • I’d suggest taking a look at some of the essentials builds (Executioner, Knight, Slayer, Thief and Mage)

2) Choose Theme

Themes are a new concept introduced in Dark Sun. Every character gets to select a theme to help define his role in the world of Athas.

  • Themes give you an additional encounter power at 1st level
  • As you progress there are additional theme powers that you can freely select instead of class powers
  • In addition themes act as a bit of a role-playing hook

3) Choose Race

Select a race. There are new races for Athas as well as altered natures for most other races. In addition there are several races that do not exist, having been exterminated during the Cleansing Wars.

4) Choose a Wild Talent

Having skill in “The Way” is fairly common on Athas, even if your character is not of a psionic class. Each character can select one wild talent. If you think of a wild talent that does not exist in the Dark Sun Campaign Guide let me know and we can possibly work something out.

5) Alignment

Because the city of Urik is evil your character does not have to be evil to be condemned to the Black Pit of Death.

6) Incarceration

Why is your character in prison?

  • Is he innocent or guilty?
  • What special skills does your character have? Why might he be noticed by the Templars?
  • How do you think your character will survive The Pit of Black Death?

6) Background

  • What part of Athas does your character come from?
  • You can choose one standard background benefit (+2 on one skill, add one skill to your class skills list or learn a bonus language)

7) Inherent Bonuses

Magic items are less common. All characters have inherent bonuses (check box option in the Character Builder). Characters use the best of their inherent enhancement bonus or their magic item’s enhancement bonus.

The rules updates that happen with the release of Essentials reclassified all magic items into common, uncommon and rare. Essentially there will only be uncommon and rare items in Athas, except for the occasional consumable item.

8) Image Reference

I’d like a reference image for your character.

Character Creation

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