The following are the major geographical areas of the Tyr region (the region of the seven city states):

Forest Ridge: A vast expanse of lush wilderness beyond the Ringing Mountains, the Forest Ridge is a primeval land filled with bounty and danger, home to tribes of fierce halflings. Few have ever journeyed to even see the outer edges of the Forest Ridge; for most people it is no more than a mythical place.

Ivory Triangle: The crossroads of the Tyr Region, the Ivory Triangle is a wasteland that serves as a haven for raiders and fierce monsters. With the exception of a small belt of vegetation known as the Crescent Forest, there are only a handful of villages scattered throughout the wastes here. The low-lying Mekillot Mountains are also found here, in the middle of the Great Ivory Plain, a far-stretching salt flat that defines this area.

Ringing Mountains: At the western edge of the Tyr Region, the Ringing Mountains are the greatest range known to the people of Athas. Peaks are over 20,000 feet in many areas, and even though there are many high vales here over 12,000 feet, some tribes of goliaths, halflings, and other folk try to eke out an existence in the harsh altitudes free from the reach of the sorcerer-kings.

Sea of Silt: A great dust sink that extends far into the unknown reaches of Athas, the Sea of Silt is effectively impassible by any means short of flying or magic. Silt skimmers and waders are able to skirt the shoreline where the dust is shallow. This eastern edge of the Tyr Region lies almost completely unexplored as a result of not only its vastness, but also the hazard of succumbing to the Gray Death – suffocation by breathing in large amounts of silt kicked up from siroccos.

Tablelands: The vast expanse of scrub plains, desert, and rocky badlands forms the western cradle of civilization in the Tyr Region. Here, Tyr and Urik claim influence over the wastes, and most of the settled peoples of Athas that dwell outside the city-states live in this area. The fortified town of Altaruk is one of the most important settlements here, an important way stop on the trade route between Balic and Tyr. Oases such as Grak’s Pool and Silver Spring, along with a few well-used trade routes, make this wilderness of the Tyr Region more hospitable than other areas.


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